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To promote an ecologically friendly theme the cottages were built with thick, more than half a metre wide, basalt rock walls which insulate the interior of the cottages from any dramatic (if ever) climatic changes outside.

By careful choice and design the cottages were built with as many natural products as possible too. Materials employed were those that contained the least chemicals possible, such as paints with low or no amounts of toxins, or natural varnishes for wood.

Other eco-friendly techniques or characteristics used in the construction of the cottages include, for example, biological septic tanks for waste water treatment, low energy electrical appliances, low wattage lamps and excellent rooftop-to-ceiling insulation to help minimise unnecessary energy consumption due to any heat dissipating upwards and out.

The wooden floors add to the cosy, warm and fresh interior. There is a natural sense that the whole interior of the cottages breathe country well-being and health. The cottages include the installation of modern equipment such as energy saving solar panels for hot water supply, well-designed, neat and easy to use kitchenettes and ensuite bathrooms.

*The electrical energy installations are used to a minimum - the solar panels being used for most of the energy resources - and exist mostly to insure an uninterrupted supply of energy if ever there be need any energy deficit that requires a backup.

In turn, hopefully, it is hoped that this small effort from our side helps promote the protection of the precious environment and resources found in Madeira.





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