INTRODUCTION: History - Philosophy - Style - Eco-Friendliness - Location

The Style



Traditional red terracota pantiles are laid on the pitched roofs and ashlar, some in traditional "Lapilli" Tufa - sash windows with white double-glazed window frames continue the traditional Madeiran style. Depening on the cottage or its position satin green shutters complement the rest of the facade.

A trellised canopy for sprouting bouganvillea covers the stoop (a type of traditional terrace but with steps before it) in front of many of the cottages. This serves both as entrance into the cottage and as an outside sitting area where a book reading session can be enjoyed. It does very well as a your own personal solarium too.

Breakfast (extra charge may apply - see rates if included in cottage fee or not) can also be served in the mornings on the stoop. Just a small delightful feature, typical to the Madeiran cottage tradition, that is meant to add to the sunny disposition of the healthy countryside lifestyle. Note (once again), stoops are not available in all of the cottages!






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