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A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind.

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery (Author of "The Little Prince")


The Philosophy


Albeit not "cathedralesque" in size and demeanour the stone cottages at Quinta das Vinhas inspire the same glorious appreciation of the possibilities of what can be done to stone.
The way the cottages were built - in classic proportion and in typical character to a centuries old tried-and-tested Madeiran recipe - should thrust the idea that the extraordinary recreation of the cottage-colony should indeed be considered a cathedral to the classic tradition of the Madeiran dry-stone cottage.

The building of the stone cottages were charged to an esteemed local engineer previously employed by the Madeiran government in the department responsible for the management of monuments on the island. His expertise in choosing the correct materials and techniques to revive the traditional art of dry-stone cottage building was crucial in creating the classic country style.

Moreover, to capture the essence of the type of holiday lifestyle that so many visitors to the island have sought since Madeira became a popular nature destination in the last century the landscaping of the colony assumed huge importance as part of the design of the development.

The lie of the land, the spacing between cottages and the dispersal of the different structures aorund the large swimming pool were purposefully and carefully calculated to take as much advantage of the wonderful sea and village views towards the south. The morning sun and afternoon sunsets were also carefully considered in choosing how to position and build the cottages.

Each of the cottages has its own unique personal character. Some have traditional burgundy coloured exteriors whilst others have the stone building revealed. Some have closed in porches - for more privacy - whilst others want to share each other in social reverie. Each cottage is less than twenty metres away from the pool and ample parking space is available below the colony.





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