The History




The Quinta das Vinhas "Cottages Collection" is a painstaking and lovingly developed colony of cottages of private, quaint and colourful self-catering units set below some of the finest emerald-green topped and ruby-red soiled vineyards. The splendid terrain is part of the Estreito da Calheta parrish county and is typical of the Madeiran countryside.

The name of the property derives its name from the very traditional wine-making agricultural heritage it enjoys: "Quinta das Vinhas" - which translates to something like the "Estate/Farm of the Vines" in English.

(above: photo of the mother house and the mature gardens)

The colony was developed from scratch to augment and support an already thriving and successful bed-and-breakfast establishment initiated in the nineties via the renovated "mother house" a stone's throw away. The extension is testimony to the surge in demand and success the original quinta enjoyed from its modest beginning of only six double rooms each with its own ensuite bathroom. The centuries old "mother house", originally the country retreat and seat for a leading Madeiran family, lies not more than fifty metres or so above the cottage colony and serves as the basepoint for the administration of the entire quinta - which includes an experimental vine and sugarcane plantation. This is where you might meet Isabel, your hostess, or one of many of her friendly staff.





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