INTRODUCTION: History - Philosophy - Style - Eco-Friendliness - Location- Links




It is a difficult task to try and submit to our internet visitors the essential charm and fine personal details that went into the creation of the fourteen (14) self-catering holiday villas or cottages on the Quinta das Vinhas estate.

We hope to transmit as much as we can to entice you to visit us. At the same time we hope to do it in a way succint enough so as to leave room for the flights of imagination to take hold.

We divided the introduction into five parts. The first is a brief perspective of the historical aspect of the property. The second part is the philosophy or feel employed which is followed by the style implemented in the design of the cottages. Important emphasis is placed on the "eco-friendliness" of the development and then, finally, we mention one or two things about the area of Madeira in which the cottages are located in.







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